Poet Penticton
Penticton, BC
You’re Meant to Be
Your birthday is so special
The day you were born
Bear in mind, you won the race
Don’t feel so forlorn
You raced your way up canal
You came in number one
All the others envied you
Your lot in life's begun
You made it home to the womb
A haven prepared for you
Why do you suppose you rose
You headed right there too
Your first journey, you dated egghead
Together you became embryo
Then grew into fetus
Nine months later you show
Your birthday is so special
Gods’ plans are yours to see
Remember when you’re down and out
That you were meant to be

Here is another impressive poem which influenced Dan Rowden one of three forum founders of theabsolute.net a genius forum in Australia. This poem earned me my own column in this forum and Dan Rowden titled it The Contemplations of Foresta Gump.