Poet Penticton
Penticton, BC
Heavenly Father I love You

I looked up towards heaven today
and spoke these words to God
Heavenly Father forgive me my sins
God spoke to my mind with a nod

Heavenly Father please speak through me
Give me my words as I pray
Only through you Lord, your light will shine
As I express it today

Heavenly Father I love you my Lord
I ask you to bless all the world
If things are to go as Bible predicts
Our earth is meant to be hurled

I'll never deny you my Heavenly Lord
My faith is as real as my life
Successes have come from my spirit you've led
My confidence ends all the strife

Thank you for all the friends in my life
Each valuable to my heart
None of us know who God really is
But his impact we cannot depart

You're the spirit within, aren't you my Lord
The one that wills us to live
You've impressed upon all open minds
Ourselves that we must give

I Love you my Heavenly Father
I have much to be thankful for
The memories of that little girl
Who prayed and you walked through her door

I've never left you my Heavenly Lord
For you've been my strength and my might
Sometimes I stumble and fall to the ground
But you lift me and lead me to light

The Bible says you're my husband my Lord
I love the words which you speak
Thank you for humbling me to serve you
May I always in your eyes be meek

"The meek shall inherit the world" as I quote
God's words i'll spread all around
I'll be a messenger for my Lord
Who'll keep my feet on the ground

Heavenly Father I pray this day
For everyone who needs a prayer
Open their eyes Lord to all which is good
Show them that you really care

  Donna Thompson
  Foresta Gump(Pen name)