Poet Penticton
Penticton, BC
Earthquake Devastation

Masses of people have met their fate
Natural disasters at speedy rate
The Bible speaks of these atrocious times
Loved ones lives are lost in grimes

It’s so horrible when you think of these souls
Struck down instantly, high numbers death tolls
We're Canadian family here to support
Our hearts are with you this we purport

Our human chain reaches all the miles
When links our broken the loss is the smiles
We'll bear the pain we feel for you
United we stand love sees us through

We stick together through thick and thin
Brothers and sisters are humanities kin
We're horrified with your devastated land
Earthquakes devour the building of man

Like a vile wrath displaying its spew
Like a spiritual cleansing to bring about new
New visions created from all that is lost
Devastation is the high cost