Poet Penticton
Penticton, BC
I'm A Nobody Genius!

A nobody genius is who I am
Some people use my words to slam
Why is this because I'm bold
One day these words will be sold

I always get what I say I will
University waits me, I yearn still
Than people can't say I am no equal
To surpass others I'll produce a sequel

Of course my aim is to get ahead
Leave people behind, kick ass instead
A nobody genius I'm trying to say
Who loves her confinement to this very day

Why is it so hard for YOU to believe
my mind has developed to genius achieve?
Educated minds possess a paper degree
Are intimidated by this layman’s plea

Ideas are ideas whether educated or not
I'm out to prove my ideas has plot
I'm no danger not even a threat
Educate my mind, you'll see changes you bet

Docs diagnosed a chemical imbalance
With high I.Q abilities and talents
No one need tell me I'm bright as a light
With high energy and astute insight

I'm different I know, I blow my own horn
I'm not really bragging the way I was born
I'm merely stating my thoughts within
The truth is proven in those who win

Ideas are greater in the mentally skilled
A garden of thought to the brim is filled
The mediocre-minded they have little clue
That genius thinkers are the colors of hue

The nature of reality is learning who we are
And realizing our world is man-made bizarre
The nature of genius is to lead the right way
Positive energies are confident to stay

So when I say I'm a nobody genius
My words I believe so why do you cuss?
Genius is just a display of creation
I'm nobody special just a relation

I'm not bragging when I speak of my mind
I merely recognize the genius kind
"Jealousies of the Intellect" you've heard it before
From Kevin Solway’s words of galore

Before you deny my claim I share
Look in your own yard and check your own ware
Do any of you believe you're genius?
What ever you believe it’s your confess

But, why do you knock me from my pedestal
You think I'm above you which is pure bull
Well maybe I am, but it’s in your mind
My thoughts were developed to genius kind

Ideas are what I love the most
The action of intelligent host
So next time you think, I think I'm someone
Let it be known this nobody's not done

I'm a nobody genius I'll keep it that way
To rock my boat will cause my dismay
The whole wide world will soon learn of me
The recluse I am is the genius I be