Poet Penticton
Penticton, BC
Produced By Reclused

I am a poet of the universe
You will find I speak in terse
Whom am I you wonder why
I speak so bold I am not shy

Emerging from the shell within
Publication helped my life begin
Recluse like a hermit the writer dwells
In solitude she writes and tells

I speak of the adventures entertaining my mind
An eccentric human the genius kind
Different is recognized claims Henry David Thoreau
A naturalist and author who's words that I borrow

The writer within started at seven
I was a poet before age eleven
Escaped to my fantasy, a world within
I hid away from annoying kin

Developed my passion, my goal is to write
A novel or two, perhaps something of fright
An overnight success is what it'll be
Here I come the writer in me

I can speak with a simplistic view
Universally understood of more than a few
Complexity is more of a serious work
The educated mind of the university jerk

Of course we know the word jerk doesn't fit
I used it to rhyme, no offense not a bit
"Jealousies of the intellect" it’s been stated
I'm the real jerk my ego's inflated

So out of my shell I present a tall tale
Visions of yesterday from whence does prevail
The seeds that were growing in my garden so well
Has bloomed to maturity, the fruits which will tell