Poet Penticton
Penticton, BC
Demon Play

A generation of degenerates
What’s happened to our people?
Global crime, doing time, still we have the steeple.
What percentage is the good, is evil in the lead,
It seems that sorrow overtakes evils hasty speed.
Yet, still the people are hanging on to whatever good there is,
The bible states if we follow god, his words say we are his.
We’re living in the days of doom, earthquakes rock our earth,
Destroying what man has built, what meaning is our birth?
Heartache, sickness, sorrow, and death invites the demon to play,
A thought that’s taught is to rid the rot, by making it go away.
Fill the mind with positive kind, instead of no say yes,
To what is good, yes you could ask always God to Bless.