Poet Penticton
Penticton, BC
Ones garbage is another’s treasure!

Young twenty year old Misty Bailey had a once-in-a-lifetime experience back on May 9th1996, when she trotted off to Parry Sound's town dump to dispose of some junk. While there, she curiously walked in the direction of a garbage bag which stood out from the others, like it was meant to be. She opened it immediately to find it filled with old King George money. Misty's first thought was the money is counterfeit, she phoned the police where they held the money for five months. After, this time the money was given to her in the amount of $8,900.00. Misty originally found $9,800 but willingly contributed the remainder to a local museum. At the time Misty didn't realize she could have doubled or tripled the amount of money she received, just for the fact it was old King George bills, unfortunately, no counsel was offered or sought. Misty was delighted with her find and had fun spending it, however, she made a conscious effort to be responsible with it by depositing $3,000.00 into a GIC account for her children's future. The Ontario Welfare system told Misty that the money was income, leaving her with no alternative but to withdraw this amount from her children's account closing it. Misty still holds the official police receipt given her that day of prosper, a receipt that changed her life for even just a moment in time