Poet Penticton
Penticton, BC
If I Were to Marry

I'd place him on a pedestal
because he'd be my King
I've never accepted another
for him I'd wear his ring

Never would I fight with him
but I'd listen to what he'd say
most likely logic would play his part
understanding comes my way

There's no room for jealousy
where trust and love grow free
two hearts compatible to marry
see darkness for what it be

Secure hearts know the love within
that strengthen and endures
small annoyances are overcome
with stimulating sexual lures

The man I marry will be in love
with the love I show to him
surprise him with his favourite treat
champagne with the lights turned dim

light-headedness and naked
bodies swaying to musical sounds
wet lips hungrily taste the passion
while roaming hands have no bounds

Marriage is sharing and loving
not deception, hatred or lies
it's agreeing to disagree nicely
and about honouring marriage ties

It's a structured life-long endeavour
familiar breeds contempt they say
when disrespect rears its ugly head
the love escapes away

Better to be like the birds and flock off
and free the love which has died
for it will continue to haunt like a lie
if you can't revive it when tried

Love is to be a two-way street
otherwise its less than love
don't chase after rejection
one-sided is only one dove

I’d fill his heart with meaningful words, through his day his memory would carry

True love never ever dies for the man if I were to marry