Poet Penticton
Penticton, BC

Love Encourages Hate to Love
Love encourages Hate to love is like saying Love is telling Hate to be more like Love. It’s like Love is better than Hate according to Hate who opposes Love tremendously. But, Love patiently waits for Hate to come to Love.
Hate is busy hating, and hasn’t any time for Love, seldom does Hate go to love, but when Hate is strengthened by Loves influence over Hate, Hate is enlightened by Love and dies slowly while transforming into Love.

Love knows in both your hearts and minds that
you're meant to be together.

Love is not deceitful, not hateful, not malicious,
not intolerable, and not evil, when it has
developed to maturity.

Love is spoken regularly and displayed variously.

Love believes God's divine intervention guides
two people away from chaos.

Love is encouraging one another along life’s

Love is working as a team to help each other be
the best person each can be.

Love allows one to grow to find one's own

Love tolerates small annoyances.

Love is forgiving

Love is the great intention of spending a lifetime

Love is seeing beauty in your loved one. Love is freedom

Love is God's gift to mankind.