Poet Penticton
Penticton, BC
The nakedness of Canada

People’s skills
Moose kills
Prairie dogs prancing
Fun people dancing
Barber shop trips
Children skip
Gamblers play Russian roulette
They die to play, play to die
While bunnies
Perked up honeys
Entertain the bar scene
Where others been
Lively and full of mischievous behavior
Horniness to savior
Calgary’s Bucking Rodeo Stampede is their great succeed
Cops impede the drinking drivers of doom
No room for death of Beth, John, or Sue
Penalties due for such rue
Fast paced Toronto is pronto
BC is toking a province-wide smoking
Artists take pride in displays truly tried
Mari-timers are swigging and eating what’s fried
Ontario is merry o, astute bird watchers on the ferry o
Much cheery-o, don’t you know
Alberta is booming while crime is dooming
Pathetic partakers of drug related capers
The Yukon is happening for people napping
Or sled dog racing and people chasing
The people of Nunavut want absolutely none of it
Rapid Vancouver is a business manoeuver
With shops galore and Olympic tour and more
World-wide pride like groom and bride
Open doors
Winners soar
Gold medalists, cyclists-- all successes
Quebec separatists, Catholics confesses
God blesses
Canada is all combined multicultural you’ll find
Rappers rap, people’s crap, Tasers zap, clothes like gap,
Baseball cap, dread the pap, beer on tap, the elderly nap, those who tap
Those who yap and the lap dancers move to groove and the followers
Are swallowers of sin and grin
Canadians are in
Music rules the cools the mules of the fools
The tools in schools-- thought provoking rules
Create endeavors to cherish forever
Hockey is squawky and mini-skirts are cocky to the mocking jockey riding Rocky
Eye in the Sky sees con at dawn by dusk he’s gone
A new day arises with new surprises
Joe cool wipes his drool while he spews his fuel to those ears
Enraptured by mental midgets, stinking the noses of the knowing, horns blowing
While inbreeds freak, and geeks reek of sleek
And herds of nerds who need to lead—succeed
Heed the mentally ill are the mentally skill
The creators of frill—pill for the ill
The good who would should and could do good
Some face the mace while others pace still others race to embrace the grace
Boozers are snoozers not losers but doozers
Politics are slick to trick and quick to flick and thinks its hick while we pick and kick
Winners are sinners and sinners are grinners enjoying pinners after dinners
Bible fanatics are simply erratic, sometimes pathetic, but divine is majestic,
Technology in leaping bounds and city clowns make their rounds on boundless grounds,
Donut lovers hover, eaters-on-the- run, the day’s begun, work till done,
Pun is fun, writers stun and won, son-of-a-gun, love you hon. Bon-Bon for blue Dawn
Treasures to pawn, sales on the lawn until dawn—yawn, swan like fawn tasting cherries and berries, While fairies marry hairy scary and airy their wary tarry
Hotdogs, back bacon, taste buds aching, love making faking the beef is raking
Trying is winning, succeeding is grinning
Movie buffers, couch doffers and pizza stuffers, Canadians suffer from gas attack from Big Mac and other Snack, avoid crack Jack or lack
Singer’s sooth the soul musician’s role, words with poll The Power of Love raises the toll
Our Canadian flag the maple leaf, we stand for our hero soldiers in grief, we stand proud for our crowd, Some rowdy some dowdy, many say howdy, some built CANADARM a mechanical arm, worth its charm
Canada cares, for healthy is wealthy, giving is living and believing is achieving
We rid the grief—a chief belief and great relief, with our reefer-- a win-win for some kin who stands for Canaduh ay! But Canada embraces us all—that’s what makes us proud Canadians!