Poet Penticton
Penticton, BC
Oh For Pigeon Sake
I walked along Martin-Street and stopped in front of the soupateria, a soup kitchen who cater to the hungry.
I noticed a tall older bearded gentleman feeding the pigeons, then, the most amazing, funniest once-in-a-lifetime thing happened.
The fellow tosses a whole donut which hurls through the air and amazingly lands right over this one pigeons head and settles like a necklace around its neck.

It was a spectacular amusing event to see. The pigeon dances around bobbing his head to and fro. He entertains his audience with his obvious attempt to get the donut off his neck.
Then in his haste the excited bird soars up to the top of a building where he perches himself down to rest. He observes his surroundings and seems to be contemplating his next move.

Seemingly frustrated, the pigeon soars across to an adjacent buildings roof peak where he dances a triple spin as though performing a great act.
And in his finality, the award winning entertainer lowers his head as if bowing, and the donut comes slipping off with pigeon ease and falls to the ground for the scavengers to gobble up.