Poet Penticton
Penticton, BC
Where’s My Glasses
I look under the couch cushions
And every other place twice
Where did I put my glasses, I sigh
And continue to hunt again thrice

A movie is on I want to see
Oh, where could those darn things be
I tire of looking in the same old place
But, the last is where they’ll be

The show is over and I’m still searching
I begin to flush red in the face
My nostrils are flaring and snorting
Those glasses seem not in this place

I start to point a finger
I blame whoever I can
This is beginning to irk me
It’s like they had legs and ran

I stopped searching for awhile
Wondering thoughts raced my mind
Maybe, I left them somewhere outside
As I headed and moseyed on blind
I know those glasses are around this house
I rummage through garbage and junk
I’m just about ready to scream and shout
and now I smell like a skunk

I hear a knock upon my door
Today I don’t want company
I need to find my glasses soon
they are causing my agony

I opened the door and there stood my friend
He could see I was in a huff
“Help me to find my focusing glasses”
His cigarette he took a puff

“Your glasses ay, then retract your steps”
“But, I’ve searched and looked everywhere”
“There’s one place you didn’t look my friend
and they are sitting right there”

“Right where?” I heard myself blurt out
“Stop fooling and tell me instead”
“Have you no clue, they’re right on you
you’ll find them upon your head”