Poet Penticton
Penticton, BC
The Final War
The dreaded clock nears the midnight hour, world-wide doom preys on people’s minds
As if bombing is not enough, soldiers in helicopters hover in an area, aim, shoot, and kill occupants of a household.
And rape and murder of the innocent
The irony that war is not crime is baffling—it’s more like organized crime, like a game of Russian roulette--die to play, play to die.
Hero slaves sacrifice their lives for others, and live an honor they die for.
Inviting war is all opposing sides’ blatant refusal to compromise.
Its power against power—neither will bend to the other.
Victory of war is as jubilant is to death, there is no victory, lives are sacrificed.
Violence all around, destruction reigns, the killing of humanity is taking its’ toll.
Diversions are created so hysteria doesn’t erupt.
We go about with our lives aware of the detriment upon earth, and wishing it would all stop, but hatred continues.
Anger begets anger violence begets violence, innocent people subjected to such degradation of life.
Victory to defeat is uppermost in the minds of all opposing sides—the Bible says power is in the number of armies.
War is history of the centuries from the beginning of time—repeating and escalating like a plan devised from God.
Is the vicious war heading for extinction of man, as North Korea threatens nuclear missiles?
The end nears as nuclear dust wipes out humanity accept for those hiding in underground havens.
Science stations in space inhabit the great minds who know how to escape such atrocities.
Time passes, everything on earth is in shambles, destroyed in action, skeletal remains scattered about the once blood-stained ground.
No living entity occupies the earth except those who think they’re fortunate, until they discover their many years supply of food and water is depleting.
And do they have the means to come back to earth, and why would they, knowing the earth has been poisoned and has become barren in some areas?
They realize life is survival or death—they escape one atrocity for another.
They also realize that in time the rains will purify the earth.
Returning to earth is possible, but temporary obstacles mar their way, resulting in a distraught team member heaving himself into space.
They succeeded and landed fortunately on grounds untouched by the cruel war—new hope arises when the thought of vegetation is possible.
A new beginning for man is created, left behind from the final war.