Poet Penticton
Penticton, BC
The Nakedness of Canada
Quality skills, moose kills, prairie dogs prancing, fun people dancing, barber shop trips, children skip, gamblers play Russian roulette, they die to play, play to die, while bunnies—perked up honeys entertain the bar scene, where others been, lively and full of mischievous behavior, horniness to savior, the bucking rodeo stampede Calgary’s succeed, while cops impede the drinking drivers of doom, no room for deliberate death of Beth, or John or Mary Sue, penalties due for such rue, fast pacing Toronto is pronto while BC is toking a province-wide smoking, the artists take pride in displays truly tried while Mari-timers are swigging and eating what’s fried, and Ontario is merry-o, enroute for astute, bird watchers on the ferry-o, much cheery-o, don’t you know, Alberta is booming while crime is dooming, pathetic partakers of drug related capers, while the Yukon is happening for people napping or sled dog racing and people chasing, while the people of Nunavat want absolutely none of it, while rapid Vancouver with tricky maneuver, and shops galore Olympic tour, world-wide pride like groom and bride, open doors winners soar, Gold medalists and the pedalists all successes, God blesses, and Quebec separatists, ideas rear, creating fears and jealous tears, and Canada is all combined multicultural you’ll find, rappers rap, shitters crap, tasers zap, clothes like gap, then the pap, beer on tap, the elderly nap, those who rap and those who yap and the lap dancers move to groove, while the followers are swallowers of sin and grin, Canadians are in, to music that rules the fools, the mules of the cools, same as tools in schools of instrumental endeavors to cherish forever, like hockey or gawky the mini-skirts of cocky, the eye in the sky sees con at dawn and dusk is gone, a new day arises with new surprises, while Joe cool wipes his drool while he speweth his fuel to those ears enraptured by mental midgitry, stinking the noses of the knowsy, while inbreds look like obvious freaks